How can you benefit out of Toastmasters Club of New Delhi (TMND)?

At TMND, we learn to be a

Better Communicator

Effective Leader

Confident Speaker

What is it like to be a toastmaster?

Being a member of Toastmasters is more than just showing up at meetings and giving a speech now and then. You’re part of a fun, supportive group of friends with common goals of self-development. And it’s not all about public speaking, either. Toastmasters is a place where you can hone your leadership and communication skills simultaneously, while joining a worldwide network of members who are doing the same thing you’re doing, one week at a time.

TMND Blogs!

Check out all the highlights of the second oldest club in India!

Meeting No. 872- Expressing ourselves

Synopsis of Meeting no. 872- by Tanya Gandhi(Secretary) THEME- IMPORTANCE OF EXPRESSIONS  BY TM MADHURSHALINI. TM Vivek Poonia opened the meeting with thunderous energy and handed over the stage to TM Rahul Girdhar for the presidential address. After that TM...

Meeting No. 871- Last meeting of Janunary 2019

Synopsis of Meeting no. 871- by Tanya Gandhi(Secretary) THEME- IMPACT OF SHOWBIZ  BY TM NIHARIKA  BHATIA Sergeant-at-arms TM Vivek Poonia started the meeting in an ebullient manner and handed over the stage to TM Rahul Girdhar for Presidential address. After that TM...

Our Team

The Elected EC for the term January 2k19 – June 2k19

Rahul Girdhar

Rahul Girdhar


The leader of the pack!

Tanya Gandhi

Tanya Gandhi


The watchful protector!

Vineet Khandelwal

Vineet Khandelwal


The educator!

Prachi Jain

Prachi Jain


The accountant!

Angad Pal Singh

Angad Pal Singh


The Magnet!

Vivek Poonia

Vivek Poonia

Sergeant at arms

The opener!

Shubham Sanghvi

Shubham Sanghvi

VP-Public Relations

The face of the club!

Ashish Thakuri

Ashish Thakuri

Immediate-past President

The guiding light!

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Rahul Girdhar (President)-  +91-9716092593


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