Synopsis of 865th Meeting of Club TMNDby Vineet Khandelwal (Secretary)

THEME – Life A Jigsaw Puzzle  by TMOD TM Sameer Aggarwal

Meeting got initiated by SAA TM Vivek Poonia with full vigor. Followed by Presidential address by Club President TM Ashish Thakuri.


TM Sameer Aggarwal played the role of TMOD quite gracefully and invoked thoughts around the theme on Life as a Jigsaw puzzle.

Session progressed with the prepared speech section.

1st Speaker: TM Tanya Gandhi presented her speech on a research topic on transgenders titled ” We are also Humans, treat us like one” 

2nd Speaker: TM Vineet Khandelwal also presented his research report on importance of Organic food with his speech title “Choosing Organic”

Prepared speeches were followed by impromptu table topic session hosted by table topic Master TM Tinu Singh who gave some interesting topics to the table topic speakers.

TM Prachi Jain, TM Nitika, Guest Mohini & Guest Suraj spoke on their respective table topics quite gracefully.

Part-II of the session began with much awaited General Evaluation section played by veteran toastmaster TM Vivek Poonia. He did a general evaluation of all the role players and general conduct of the meeting and presented a very comprehensive report.

All the prepared speeches were professionally evaluated by TM Ramit Chabbra and TM Angad. TM Aseem Jain evaluated all the Table topic speakers.

Speech evaluation was followed by the reports of various leadership role players namely:

TM Rahul Pahuja, TM Umang Garg, TM Anjali Jain, TM Sahil Gupta, TM Hemant & TM Harshdeep kaur.

All he role plays ended with the declaration of award winners namely:

Best Speaker – TM Vineet Khandelwal

Best Role Player – TM Vivek Poonia

Best Leadership Role Player – TM Rahul Pahuja

Best Table topic speaker- Guest Suraj

Best Evaluator – TM Angad

The day also witnessed the election results of new EC namely:

President Elect: TM Rahul Girdhar

VP-ED: TM Vineet Khandelwal

VP -M: TM Angad Pal Singh

VP-PR: TM Shubham Sangvi

Secretary: TM Tanya Gandhi

Treasurer: TM Prachi Jain

SAA: TM Vivek Poonia

Meeting ended with a group photo: