Synopsis of 866th meetingby Tanya Gandhi (Secretary)


TMND celebrated it’s 866th meeting which was also the last meeting of year 2018 on 25th December. The meeting was full of surprises because of the presence of secret Santas, who brought smile to everyone’s face.

The meeting was initiated by acting SAA Sonika Jha who engaged all the members as well as guests in no time with a really interesting activity.

The meeting was followed by presidential address given by TM Ashish Thakuri who was the Toastmaster of the day as well and introduced everyone to the theme “Being Grateful”. He made all of us think about the people and things we are grateful to.

After that, the 1st part of the meeting began, which was the the prepared speech session.

The first speaker was TM Angad Pal Singh, who delivered his P3 from pathways. His speech was about the employment issues in our country and the title was “Do Something”.

Our 2nd speaker was TM Asha Mishra, who delivered her CC5 titled “Lady with Midas touch” in which she shared beautiful stories of her grandmother.

And the last speaker was TM Ranjan Gupta, who delivered his CC7 with the title “Music is the only drug I do”, he enlightened us about how music has become an essential part of our life.

Part two of the meeting was conducted by TM Hemant Bakshi, who came up with different topics about new year, and TM Sonika, TM Varun, TM Madhurshalini and guest Sunil spoke effortlessly on their respective topic.


The General evaluation session was conducted by TM Shrey Saxena, who called for reports from all the speech evaluators and leadership role players. TM Sameer Aggarwal Evaluated TM Angad’s Speech, TM Ashish Ghai evaluated TM Asha’s Speech, TM  Saurabh evaluated TM Ranjan’s Speech and TM Prachi jain was Table Topic Evaluator.


And the Meeting is incomplete without the leadership role players who were:

Joke Master- TM Shubham Bansal

Word Master- TM Sachin Bhatt

Listener- TM Astha Vijjan

Timer- TM Rahul Pahuja

Ah-Counter- TM Tanya Gandhi

Grammarian- TM Niharika Bhatia

And the winners were:

Best Leadership Role Player- TM Niharika Bhatia

Best Table-Topic Speaker- Guest Sunil

Best Evaluator- TM Sameer Aggarwal

Best Role Player- TM Shrey Saxena

Best Speaker- TM Asha Mishra



The meeting is not over yet.

We celebrated Christmas as well


TM Varun Garg conducted the installation ceremony of the new leaders of TMND.


And our club magazine “ELOQUENCE” was also launched on that very day by TM Ashish Thakuri, TM Rahul Pahuja and TM Prachi Jain.

At the end TM Ashish Thakuri presented a token of gratitude to the members of TMND.

       HAPPY US!!!