Synopsis of 868th meeting– by Tanya Gandhi (Secretary)


TM Vivek Poonia, the Sargeant-at-arms opened the meeting with great energy, followed by presidential address by TM Rahul Girdhar who handed over the stage to the master of ceremony, TM Aseem Jain who was the TMoD and brought a tremendous theme on floor, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE. He shared his life stories and encouraged everyone to do, what we all want to because IT’S NEVER TOO LATE.

The prepared speeches section began with a bang, in which our first speaker TM Nitika Kundu broke the ice on her very first meeting as a member and delivered her ice-breaker speech “Dilemmas and Life”, in which she introduced herself to the club.

The second speaker was TM Shubham Rathore who delivered his speech from project 3, in which he researched about the adulteration in food items we consume and how that adulteration affect our health. The title of his speech was “Looking at Adulteration under light”. With this speech TM Shubham Rathore completed his Level 1 of Pathways.

The last speaker TM Angad Pal Singh delivered the speech on Procrastination and he shared his experience on how procrastination impacted his life, what leads to procrastination and the solutions to it. The title of his speech was “Someday”.

TM Malika Jain was the Table Topic Master who came back to the club after a long time and with plethora of innovation. Table Topic Speakers were TM Inderjeet, Guest Hardik, Guest Manish, TM Nitin Singh, and Guest Aseem Gupta.

TM Vineet Khandelwal was the General Evaluator of the meeting who critically observed the whole meeting and called for the reports from the Evaluators and Leadership Role players. TM Tanya Gandhi, TM Sameer Aggarwal and TM Ranjan Gupta were the speech evaluators and TM Sonika Jha was the Table Topic Evaluator.

The Pillars of the meeting were:

Joke Master- TM Niharika Bhatia

Word Master- TM Shubham Bansal

Listener- TM Vivek Poonia

Timer- TM Jay Agrawal

Ah-Counter- TM Astha Vijjan

Grammarian- TM Kritika Kashyap

And the winners were:

Best Leadership Role Player- TM Niharika Bhatia

Innovator of the meeting- TM Malika Jain

Best Table-Topic Speaker- TM Nitin Singh

Best Evaluator- TM Sonika Jha

Best Role Player- TM Vineet Khandelwal

Best Speaker- TM Angad Pal Singh

Toastmaster of the Month- TM Vivek Poonia

House of the month- House Yellow, mentored by TM Tarun Bhargawa

New initiative of Mini Library went on board. TM Jay Aggarwal and TM Rahul Pahuja were the first to issue the books from treasurer TM Prachi Jain.

Smiles All Round!!!