Synopsis of Meeting no. 870- by Tanya Gandhi(Secretary)


Acting SAA TM Ashish Ghai opened the meeting with great alacrity, followed by the presidential address by TM Rahul Girdhar, who handed over the stage to the master of ceremony TM Nitika Sharma who introduced an amazing theme “PITCH PERFECT” in which she gave us many tips to improve upon our communication skills.


The first speaker was TM Hemant Bakshi who delivered his ice-breaker and talked about his journey of being born to a punjabi family, after 2 sisters, i.e, having 3 over protective mothers…my own mother and my two sisters turning the sweet innocent me into a rebel. The speech title was “Innocently rebellious “.

The second speaker was TM Deepak Garg who broke the ice and delivered his first prepared speech, through which he delivered a beautiful massage, i.e, one should never give up, always bounce back and everything is achievable in life. his speech’s title was “Life is uncertain“.

The third speaker was TM Sachin Bhatt,who gave his first speech from second project of pathways, he started with posing a question about characteristic of living thing, relating those feature with the living book i.e. constitution of India and highlighting its importance in Indian democracy, and concluding with our emphasis not only on our rights and but also on our duties. The title of his speech was “The living Book”.

The last prepared speech was given by TM Ranjan Gupta, who delivered his CC8, in which he talked about how plastic is bad for our health, animals and planet and we should use alternatives of plastic. His speech’s title was “Say No to Plastic“.

The second session, i.e, Table topic session was conducted by TM Prachi Jain and the speakers were TM Ashish Thakuri, TM Prerna, Guest Neha and Satwik.


The last session was conducted by TM Ramit Chhabra who was the general evaluator and he called for the reports from all the speech evaluators and leadership roleplayers. The Speech evaluators were TM Angad Pal Singh, TM Umang Garg, TM Madhurshalini, TM Ashish Ghai and the table topic evaluator was TM Malika Jain.

The pillers of the meeting were:

Joke Master- TM Nitika Kundu

Word Master- TM Hardik

Listener- TM Jay Agrawal

Timer- TM Astha Vijjan

Ah-Counter- TM Nidhi Suman

Grammarian- TM Rahul Girdhar


The shining stars were:

Best Leadership Role Player- TM Rahul Girdhar

Best Table-Topic Speaker- Guest Satwik

Best Evaluator- TM Malika Jain

Best Role Player- TM Nitika Sharma

Best Speaker- TM Hemant Bakshi


La Famille!!!