Synopsis of Meeting no. 871- by Tanya Gandhi(Secretary)


Sergeant-at-arms TM Vivek Poonia started the meeting in an ebullient manner and handed over the stage to TM Rahul Girdhar for Presidential address. After that TM Niharika Bhatia took control of the stage and introduced an amazing theme- IMPACT OF SHOWBIZ.

The first speaker was TM Alpna Ahuja who delivered her icebreaker speech with the title “Who am I” which was about self discovery ,and developing self belief to overcome challenges in life.

the second speaker was TM Nidhi Suman, who also delivered her icebreaker speech and the title of her speech was “Girl from the steel city” in which she said that her  life is like a roller coaster ride, she saw her failure in 7th standard itself and it drastically changed her. She has travelled from Steel city to capital city with head high and bright smile.

TM Prachi jain delivered second speech from second project of Level 1 from pathways. Her speech’s title was “An ode” in which she talked about Delhi Metro, how it holds cultural value for us and how it has made our life better.

The last prepared speech of the evening was delivered by TM Nitika Sharma who completed the first project of Level 2 from pathways. the title of her speech was “Shake it Off and Step Up”. She had a beautiful message in her speech which is to keep a solution mindset and be it any problem, keep calm and don’t let the problem have power over you, rise above it and the same problem if handled with calm and mindfulness you will see that there is a seed of opportunity attached to it that you can use to your benefit. So shake it off the problem and step up.

The most interesting session which was the Table topic session was led by TM Gurpreet Singh Bhatia and the speakers were TM Shibham Rathore, TM Inderjeet, guest Bharat and Tejwant.

TM Ashish Ghai was the General evaluator and he observed and analysed the whole meeting. He called for the reports from the all the speech evaluators and leadership roleplayers. The Speech evaluators were TM Shrey Saxena, TM Umang Garg, TM Asha Mishra, TM Sameer Aggarwal and the table topic evaluator was TM Malika Jain.

The leadership roleplayers were:

Joke Master- TM Harshdeep

Word Master- TM Rahul Pahuja

Listener- TM Nitika Kundu

Timer- TM Sachin Bhatt

Ah-Counter- TM Tinu

Grammarian- TM Hardik

Winners of the meeting were:

Best Leadership Role Player- TM Hardik

Best Table-Topic Speaker- Guest Bharat

Best Evaluator- TM Sameer Aggarwal

Best Role Player- TM Ashish Ghai

Best Speaker- TM Nidhi Suman and Nitika Sharma