Synopsis of Meeting no. 872- by Tanya Gandhi(Secretary)


TM Vivek Poonia opened the meeting with thunderous energy and handed over the stage to TM Rahul Girdhar for the presidential address. After that TM Madhurshalini took us to a beautiful journey and made us understand the “IMPORTANCE OF EXPRESSIONS”.

The first speaker was TM Ankur who delivered his first project of level 2 from pathways. The title of his speech was “Situational Leader” and it was on various types of leadership styles and he also explained what situational leadership is.

The second speaker was TM Vivek poonia who delivered his 3rd project of level 1 from pathways and the title of his speech was “Ad Mad”  in which he talked about 4 broad ways in which ads hit our emotions and influence us to make a purchase. Awareness Advertising, Brand Messaging, Suggestive Selling and Guided Selling and gave a quick insight into the world of advertisements to tell how much thinking, designing and creativity is used behind each advertisement. So that the next time we are lured by an ad, we don’t get trapped by it but only buy anything if we need it.

Last prepared speech was delivered by TM Inderjeet Singh, he delivered 6 project from competent communicator mannual. his speech was about depression and it was titled “Save your archit”.

The second session was hosted by TM Harshdeep. She brought some really interesting table topics and amused us. The table topic speakers were TM Angad Pal Singh, Guest Rahul, TM Rahul pahuja, Guest Suraj and TM Asha.

The last and the most important session was conducted by TM Sonika Jha who was the General Evaluator and she precisely observed each and every aspect of the meeting and asked for the reports from the speech evaluators and the leadership role players. The Speech evaluators were TM Ramit, TM Vineet and TM Sameer. The table topics evaluator was TM Gurpreet.

The pillars of the meeting were:

Joke Master- TM Nidhi Suman

Word Master- TM Shubham Sanghvi

Listener- TM Niharika Bhatia

Timer- TM Neha Murarka

Ah-Counter- TM Nitika Kundu

Grammarian- TM Jappreet

The Winners were:

Best Leadership Role Player- TM Jappreet

Best Table-Topic Speaker- TM Angad Pal Singh

Best Evaluator- TM Sameer Aggarwal

Best Role Player- TM Madhurshalini And TM Sonika Jha

Best Speaker- TM Inderjeet Singh

Vive la TMND!