With the nation’s 71st Independence Day just a couple of weeks away, our debutant TMOD Prateek Garg decided to celebrate Freedom with fellow TMNDians. As Tyler Durden said in Fight Club, “The things we own end up owning us,” we all have become slaves to this materialistic world. TMOD made us recall all the ventures we wanted to pursue as kids but we left because of the imaginary boundaries we have confined us in.

Meeting Takeaways 

  • The acting SAA, the debutant TM Aradhana Saxena opened TMND’s 793rd session with a bang.
  • TMOD Prateek Garg emphasised the paradigm shift in the true meaning of freedom over the last 70 years of our independence.
  • Jokemaster Asha tickled our funny bones with her poetic recital of Pappu’s girlfriend issues.
  • Wordmaster Mayur added the word Vivacious to our vocabulary.
  • Timer TM Ranjan, Ah-counter TM Madhur, Grammarian TM Rhythm, and Parliamentarian TM Sanket helped us conduct an exquisite meeting.
  • TM Rahul Girdhar broke the ice and shared his quest for education despite the hardships.
  • TM Ritobrata educated everyone about all the negativities spreading on the social networks these days.
  • TM Saurabh Singh shared the lessons he learnt from his relationships and his breakups.
  • TM Nitin Singh shared a very touching story of his friend Anu’s parents who are waiting for their son Anu to return from the United States.
  • Topicsmaster Ramandeep hosted a debate session in the table topics.
  • The evaluators TM Ashish Ghai, TM Amandeep, TM Ankit Saini, and TM Sameer Aggarwal helped all the speakers to grow by providing them apt recommendations.
  • TM Ankur Vashist encouraged all the table topics speakers with his highly motivational evaluations.
  • General Evaluator TM Shruti Jain gave crisp and valuable insights to all evaluators, always keeping in mind the evaluation contest coming up.

President Shrey Saxena who always encourages everyone to add a spoon of innovation in their roles came up with yet another initiative ‘Innovator of the Day Award’. 

Applaud for the Winners

Best Auxiliary Role Player – TM Asha (Jokemaster)

“I felt it difficult to make people laugh on usual joke so decided to have my own creation. I believe everyone one remembers those nursery rhymes and must have watch three idiots . So I weave Pappu failure story around those songs and rhymes and it worked for me” – TM Asha

Best Tabletopics Speaker – TM Rishabh

“I had two aims in my mind; number one to use humor and Word of the Day in my speech, and number 2 to give a moral at the end of the speech. I recommend everyone to practice speaking on random topics or random objects at home.” – TM Rishabh

Best Evaluator – TM Ankur Vashist (Table topics Evaluator)

“I wanted to try out this role for quite some time because it is a challenging role as we have to evaluate 6 to 7 speakers in a matter of 4 mins. I followed converntional CRC approach commending each and every speaker followed by general recommendations for all the speakers. I tried to give the right motivation to the guests as well as members” – TM Ankur Vashist

Best Role Player – TM Shruti Jain

“GE’s evaluation should be helpful for the evaluators. As Evaluation contest was near and of utmost importance, so I connected everything with it. I believe this is what worked. After the meeting, all the Evaluators came saying it was great GE. It was great not because it was flowery but because it was helpful for them” – TM Shruti Jain

Best Speaker – TM Rahul Girdhar

“We can’t cross the sea by merely standing and staring at it. Education develops us holistically and teaches us ways to combat the situations we believe are unchangeable. Education, indeed, is a great equalizer, of all human conditions.” – TM Rahul Girdhar

Innovator of the Day – TM Ramandeep (Topicsmaster)

“I just had an idea to have a debate in table topics session which somehow worked well due to splendid performance of speakers.” – TM Ramandeep

Special Mentions –

  1. TM Nitin Singh – TM Nitin recorded a video message for one of his friends living in the USA through the medium of a public speech and included all the TMNDians into his message. It was a never seen before improvisation of usage of Toastmasters stage.
  2. TM Shrey Saxena – The best way to motivate someone for an action is to put a reward on that action. President Shrey Saxena followed the same principle by including ‘Innovator of the Meeting’ award for the member with most innovative role play.

Riddle of the Day 

Remember you called 20131404 last month to improve public speaking.
Well, 20131404 gave you someone’s reference and asked you to call ‘8326-8424967’.
Who is ‘8326-8424967’?