Toastmasters Club of New Delhi – it’s not a CLUB as people might think, it’s not a FAMILY as we use to call it, it is a LEGACY. It is a culture that has been developing and transforming lives for more than 17 years. On the occasion of the 800th meeting of our beloved TMND, its all Legacy came together to celebrate, to inspire and to motivate all of us. It was tryst of past leaders, current leaders and future leaders of TMND.

Wisdom from Past Leaders

The Past Presidents of TMND, our Celebrities:
TM Deepak Menon
TM Rajan Bhatia
TM Sudhir 
TM Harsh Goela
TM Keshave Lal
TM Shruti Jain 

They all recalled their times in TMND and shared some incredible stories and motivated us and blessed us for even brighter future. It was a roller coaster ride of sentiments, inspiration, and humor.

Musical Tabletopics

TM Muskan Gupta, music sensation of our club, played some songs on a keyboard as topics for the impromptu speech session. The topics ranged from speaking on the lyrics of the song, to dancing on that song, to dedicating the song to a member. It was a fun-filled, innovative, musical table topics.

Stand-up Comedy

An upcoming rock-star and the future king of Stand-up Comedy, our very own, Milind Kapoor took everyone on a laughter ride with his wits, his explicit timing, and extra-ordinary spontaneity.

Minute to Win

TM Muskan Bharti, the charming queen of our club, brought funny and tricky challenges for our volunteering toastmasters.
She had them compete amongst themselves to win those challenges in 60 seconds.

Talent Round

TM Ashish Thakuri with his stand-up act, TM Manisha with her poetry recital, District 41 PQD TM Sandeep Raturi with his rap songs, TM Smita with her roast, TM Ranjan with his singing & guitar, TM Trilok Bhardwaj with his self-composed song, the Talent Round brought out the hidden talents of our lovely toastmasters. It was a treat for eyes and ears to witness these wonderful people perform. The talent hunt was hosted by ever so talented and so professional TM Madhur.


On its 800th meeting, TMND achieved another milestone. It launched its app for Android users created by TM Rishabh Kumar and TM Mayank Jain. The App will be used for voting in the future elections of the club eliminating the use of paper ballots.

Concluding Remarks

District Director TM Pallav Verma provided concluding remarks to the wonderful meeting, and also presented rewards to all the dignitaries present.

Harlem Shake

It all ended with a full-on performance by all members on Harlem Shake.