It is said that a painting tells a story that can not be expressed in words. Toastmasters Club of New Delhi celebrated their 791st meeting in an art gallery cum restaurant, Cafe de Art. It was a tryst of the art of public speaking with the art of Vocabulary amidst the artistic works of some amazing painters.  

Meeting Takeaways:

  • Our past SAA, Ashish Ghai once again provided an energetic opening to the meeting sharing yet another life hack.
  • TMOD Rishabh, brought his practices of GRE into an absorbing theme ‘Vocabulary.’
  • Jokemaster Rahul Girdhar did a splendid stand-up performance and left everyone in splits while sharing some of his personal experiences.
  • Wordmaster Rishabh Bhardwaj, doing justice to the theme, brought two ‘Words of The Day’ – ‘Overmorrow‘ & ‘Ereyesterday
  • TM Madhur broke the ice, delivering her first public speech and that too on her birthday.
  • TM Mohit added brilliant humor in his speech stressing the importance of seeking advice.
  • TM Ankur Vashist embarked on his journey to become an advanced speaker, taking the path of humorous speaking.
  • TM Shruti Jain, a master in story telling, shared the positive sides of a rather negative emotion – anger.
  • Topicsmaster Amandeep conducted a props-based impromptu session.
  • General evaluator Varun Garg took reports from all evaluators and aux role players; everyone provided crisp and insightful feedbacks to all the speakers.

TMND welcomed back with open arms, one of its old member, a veteran toastmaster and past Division Director, TM Tarun Bhargava. TMND was honored by the presence of its immediate past Area Director Keshave Lal, and its current Area Director Harsh Goela.

TMND congratulates its Treasurer, Pranav Anand on becoming a Chartered Accountant.

Applaud for the Winners –

Best Auxiliary Role Player – TM Rahul Girdhar (Jokemaster)

“A child laughs 100 times a day while an adult does it 5 times a day only. Hence, to kick-off my voyage in tides of toastmasters ocean, I considered jokemaster to be an apt role for me. All I needed was to observe my surroundings closely and I could find jokes in every aspect of nature.” – TM Rahul Girdhar

Best Role Player – TM Varun Garg (General Evaluator)

“To do the role of GE properly, you really need to be a good listener. You need to be attentive throughout the meeting and notice all the small and big points. So I just kept my eyes and ears open and in the end presented an unbiased report of my observations.” – TM Varun Garg

Best Table Topics Speaker – TM Muskan Bharti

Best Evaluator – TM Ashish Thakuri

“Well there is one thing I always follow while doing evaluations, I become an extremely vigilant listener as it helps me observe the fine nuances and details of a speaker’s delivery and content.” – TM Ashish Thakuri

Best Speaker – TM Shruti Jain

“Whenever I write a speech, I make sure that I should be clear about the message myself. I prepare my whole speech keeping in mind the MESSAGE.” – TM Shruti Jain

Special Mentions –

  1. Wordmaster Rishabh’s post-it notes – Most of the times, we do not use word of the Day because we tend to forget but TM Rishabh Bhardwaj posted the word of the Day on every ballot that always stays in our hands.
  2. TMOD Rishabh’s build-up for theme – Generally, members select the theme for the meeting and plan a one-hour session around the meeting but TM Rishabh planned an entire week. He himself became word master and posted one Word of the Day on WhatsApp group each day leading up the meeting, and thus maintaining the rhythm of the theme ‘Vocabulary’ through out the week.


Riddle of the Day –

As the theme was Vocabulary, let’s play with words.
Try finding five distinct words in this blog that do not have any vowel in them.