Whatever we learn or whatever we become in life, we owe it all to our teachers. A teacher is not only someone we find in our school or college, it could be our parents, our friends, our mentors or anyone from whom we get to learn something. It is also said the most important lessons are learnt from our experiences in our life. So, on the teacher’s day (5th September), TMND celebrated its 797th meeting with the theme ‘Best Lessons taught by Life’

Meeting Takeaways:

  • TM Dhiraj Reddy making a comeback to the club as SAA started the meeting with a bang.
  • President Shrey Saxena welcomed all 10 guests who came to witness our enthusiastic meetings. Large numbers of guests show-up make our meetings more memorable.
  • TM Ashish Thakuri made a quintessential display of Toastmasters’ skills by taking up the role of TMOD at last moment and conducting a session on a theme selected by someone else.
  • TM Manisha created a superb short story about TMND using members’ names with their literal meanings, in her stint as Jokemaster.
  • TM Sanket as the Wordmaster of the day added the word ‘Enthral‘ to our vocabulary. Surprisingly, the word was used 15 times throughout the meeting.
  • TM Aaradhna, TM Mayank, TM Sandeep, and TM Rhythm were the pillars of our meeting, acting as Parliamentarian, Grammarian, Timer, and Ah-counter respectively.
  • TM Mayur broke the ice with his speech comparing his life to a sinusoidal wave, with peaks and low moments and the lessons taught to him by life.
  • TM Madhur shared her Carpe-Diem moment when she overcame her fear of deep-water and told everyone how that day proves to be the source of her strength whenever she faces any challenge in life.
  • TM Justine shared her hilarious experiences of living in different cultures and how it changed from cultural shocks to a daily routine for her.
  • TM Pradeep inspired everyone with his metaphorical story about The Golden Arrow and the need to kill the dragon.
  • Topicsmaster TM Inderjeet going with the theme of the day, gave the table topics speakers, some lessons to talk about in their impromptu speeches.
  • The evaluators TM Sameer, TM Saurabh, TM Varun, and TM Shrey evaluated all prepared speeches where as TM Dhiraj evaluated all the table topic speeches.
  •  All evaluators and aux. role players submitted their reports to General Evaluator Ashish Ghai.
  • TEAM INDIGO mentored by TM SHRUTI JAIN won the HOUSE OF THE MONTH award for the months of August-September.
  • TM MADHURSHALINI mentored by TM Ashish Thakuri won the TOASTMASTER OF THE MONTH award for the months of August-September.

Applaud For The Winners:

Best Table Topics Speaker – TM Asha

Best Aux. Role Player & Innovator of the Meeting – TM Manisha (Jokemaster)

“I was highly motivated after witnessing humorous competition in our TMND and immediately asked for jokemaster role. Initially I was wondering on how to add more flavours in my joke. I came up with idea of using meaning of names of TMND members. I shared the idea with my mentor and she responded positively and it worked. I am glad I tried that.” – TM Manisha

Best Evaluator – TM Varun Garg

“Whenever I start writing my evaluation, I try to put myself in speaker’s shoes. Doing that gives me a better perspective of how as to how I can actually add value to the speech through my evaluation.” – TM Varun Garg

Best Role Player – TM Ashish Ghai (GE)

“Being a general evaluator, my focus was only on how I can help my co-members improve. I keenly observed the entire meeting, and tried to give my insights to everyone to improve” – TM Ashish Ghai

Best Speaker – TM Pradeep Tokas

“Whenever I come onto stage, I want to deliver something that adds value to the audience. People come and speak about themselves on the stage, I wanted to make my audience the hero of my speech. I hope I did well.” – TM Pradeep Tokas

Toastmaster of the Month:

TM Madhurshalini

House of the Month:

HOUSE INDIGO (mentored by TM Shruti Jain)

Special Mentions:

  1. TM Manisha’s cameo as Jokemaster – We always encourage everyone to bring innovation into whichever role you are playing. TM Manisha did put her heart into adding innovation, instead of finding a joke from the internet she created her own content beautifully.
  2. Wordmaster Sanket’s target approach – We often see the Word of the Day is not used much, so TM Sanket gave everyone a challenging target of 15 usages and all members stood up to the challenge and used the word ‘Enthral‘ a whopping 15 times.

Riddle of the Week:

In a video posted on our FB page about our upcoming milestone meeting #800isComing, which of the following adjectives were not used: