Sometimes opportunities come disguised as obstacles and it troubles only incapable ones. But Toastmasters Club of New Delhi did recognize the opportunity when their regular venue was under renovation and turned her 790th meeting into the finest and yummiest meeting ever. With the venue “Sbarro Pizzeria” and a befitting theme “Luscious Cuisines,” it was a recipe that enticed everyone.

There were lots of takeaways in the meeting:

  • TMOD Ankit Saini brought a mouth-watering theme “Luscious Cuisines” at a perfect venue.
  • Jokemaster Sanket, going with the theme, brought a panipuri joke to tickle everyone’s funny bones.
  • Wordmaster Madhur also kept the theme in her mind while introducing two Words of the day – Devour & Savour.
  • TM Asha broke the ice and shared her journey to find the purpose of her life.
  • TM Justine grasped the audience with an anecdote of her discovering her faith.
  • TM Ramandeep delivered a meaningful yet humorous speech on the art of fooling oneself.
  • TM Ashish Thakuri completed a milestone when he shared his entire toastmaster’s journey in his Project 10.
  • Table Topicsmaster Inderjeet hosted an amusing session and related all the topics to the theme of the day.
  • General Evaluator Nitin Singh hosted the funniest evaluation session in the history of Toastmasters.

Our immediate past area director Keshav Lal awarded two free passes of his upcoming seminar on Influential Leadership to TM Inderjeet and TM Madhur.

There were two new inclusions in TMND family and with that TMND’s membership strength crossed the milestone mark of 50.

Applaud for the winners of the Meeting –

Best Auxiliary Role Player – TM Madhur (Wordmaster)

“I wanted everyone to actually learn the word. So, I thought of using word pairs. 2 similar words that mean different things and I got printouts in which the word, its meaning, and example sentences were written.” – TM Madhur

Best Role Player – TM Nitin Singh (General Evaluator)

“I kept myself into their shoes to analyse what they could have done better. And as our President Shrey Saxena asked in the last meeting, I wanted to add a pinch of innovation into my role by including stand-up comedy into ever so serious role of General Evaluator ” – TM Nitin

Best Evaluator – TM Shruti

“Instead of giving away my thoughts on how the speech was, I stepped into the shoes of P2. How the speaker must have been feeling, what effort the speaker must have taken. At the end, the objective is to help the speaker; you can’t do so without empathizing with the speaker. I believe that is what I did.” – TM Shruti

Best Speaker – TM Ashish Thakuri

“This speech was close to my heart not because it was my P10 but because I wanted to share a story, a story that needed to be heard about how this place changed me for good. I wanted to give this speech since the club has numerous new members now and [I wanted to] inspire them through my journey of toastmasters. It’s like giving back to society what you earned from it.” – TM Ashish Thakuri



  1. Table Topicsmaster Inderjeet’s innovations – The presentation is always as important as the content. He brought all topics written on colorful papers, wrapped beautiful hand-crafted match-boxes and kept in another attractive hand-crafted gift box.
  2. TMOD Ankit’s helium balloons – Helium gas when inhaled changes one’s voice-pitch making one sound like a kid. Ankit asked the members to inhale helium balloons before sharing their experience with the theme of the day. It was entertaining and innovative.
  3. Ankur Vashist’s evaluation report – Knowing that the speaker was delivering his P10, Ankur evaluated him on each & every criterion possible, be it the content, the intent, hand usage, stage usage, eye contact, body language, voice modulation, pauses, speaking speed, he didn’t leave any criteria untouched even if he knew that he will cross the time limit and will get disqualified.



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Yummiest Snacks served in TMND ever